Nexcelom Consumables

Cellometer ViaStain AO staining solution, 5ml

Catalog # CETCS2010805
AO (acridine orange) staining solution for staining of nucleated cells.

Cellometer ViaStain AOPI staining solution

Catalog # CETCS2010605
AO/PI (acridine orange / propidium iodide) staining solution for live/dead Mammalian nucleated cells.

Cellometer ViaStain PI staining solution, 5ml

Catalog # CETCS2010905
PI (propidium iodide) staining solution for staining of dead nucleated cells.

Cellometer ViaStainTM AOPI yeast viability

Catalog # CETCSK010202
AO/PI Yeast Viability Kit containing dilution buffer and fluorescent dye mixture for staining of live and dead Yeast cells.

Yeast dilution buffer, 500ml

Catalog # CETCSO0110500
Yeast dilution buffer for use with CETCSK0102 (yeast kit for live / dead staining)

SD100 Cellometer counting chambers

Catalog # CETHT4SD100002
SD 100 Cellometer counting chambers with protective film

Nexcelom3D 96-well ULA spheroid plate

Catalog # CELULA96U010
Nexcelom3D 96-well Ultra-low attachment treated round bottom multi-well plates

Nexcelom3D 384-well ULA spheroid plate

Catalog # CELULA384U010
Nexcelom3D 384-well Ultra-low attachment treated round bottom multi-well plates

SD25 Cellometer counting chambers

Catalog # CETCHT4SD025002
SD25 Cellometer counting chambers for small particles

PD100 Cellometer counting chambers

Catalog # CETHT4PD100002
PD100 Cellometer counting chambers in the practical slide box, ready to use

Cellometer ViaStain™ CFDA-AM yeast vitality stain

Catalog # CETCSK0125200
Yeast Vitality Stain enables breweries to detect metabolically active Lager and Ale yeast at different fermentation stages.

Live Caspase 3/7 Detection Kit with Hoechst

Catalog # CELCSKV00031
Live Caspase 3/7 Detection Kit for 2D/3D Cell Culture (with Hoechst dye)

PD300 Cellometer counting chambers

Catalog # CETHT4PD300002
PD300 Cellometer counting chambers for very large cells

Cellometer Check Validation Bead Solution, 2 ml

Catalog # CETCCBM01102
Cellometer Check Microsphere Suspension for automated cell counters with dual fluorescence

Polystyrene beads, small

Catalog # CETB0502050
as concentration reference, small (5µm)

Polystyrene beads, medium

Catalog # CETB1002020
as concentration reference, medium (10µm)

Polystyrene Beads, large

Catalog # CETB1502010
as concentration reference, large (15µm)

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