Biomarker Services

Biomarkers are found in different environments. With our highly specialised partners we are looking at biomarkers from various body liquids (Chimera, Proteome Science), in and on cells, and in tissues (Zellkraftwerk).  

Immunostainings with antibodies are used by Chimera Biotec and Zellkraftwerk, while Proteome Sciences employs sophisticated multiplex-mass-spectrometry. Accoding to your needs you can benefit from that broad portfolio of assays for preclinical and clinical trials, individually or in combination. 


Chimera Biotec GmbH - ultrasensitive immunoassays for soluble biomarkers in extremely low sample volumes for clinical and preclinical projects. 

Zellkraftwerk GmbH - ChipCytometry for ultra high content multiplexing on cellular biomarkers from liquid and tissue samples

Proteome Science - TMT based dedicated MS Analyses and Data services 


We are looking forward to working with you.